Healthy White Teeth

How important is it to have healthy white teeth? People would spend hundreds of dollars just to achieve the perfect pearl white teeth toothpaste and toothbrush brands advertise. Why is this so? The answer is simple: white teeth are an indication of healthy teeth. The healthier the teeth are the better is the oral hygiene of a person. Would you engage in long conversations with people who have bad breath? Wouldn't you be distracted if you talk to someone up front and there's tar or leftover food stuck in between his or her teeth?


On the other hand, in oral communication, whether it's video teleconferencing or face to face, having a good smile and a healthy mouth are very important. And you need to know that in order to achieve a commercial model-like set of teeth, brushing is not enough. Some people thought that when they brush three times a day, their teeth and mouth would immediately stay healthy throughout the years. This is a fallacy that dentists and oral care experts would like to inculcate to the public. The following are other oral hygiene habits that must be done on a regular basis other than brushing one's teeth: 

1. Floss every after meal.

Flossing is not done only two to three times a day. It is done every after meal; that means you have to floss your teeth after your afternoon snack or midnight snack. The food that gets stuck in between our teeth would like to develop cavity and eventually tar. These two are the ones responsible for yellowish and unhealthy teeth. One of the most trending types of dental floss is the water flosser. While the conventional dental floss could be handy and helpful, the water flosser is the best tool to have at home. It works through an electric current but is proven to be safe for use for any type of tooth, even for people with braces! You could feel and see your teeth squeaky white clean in just a few seconds with the use of the water flosser. For more details and informative reviews on the best brands of water flossers in the market, go to this page: 

2. Have a good mouthwash.

Have you had a chicken curry meal or an onion ring for snacks? Do you worry about the smell of your mouth? No problem: a good mouthwash could give you fresh breath in an instant. The mouthwash comes in different exciting flavors and scent and is widely available in the market. It's good to have one in your bag especially if you have an important meeting to attend to after you have taken your lunch.  

3. Visit your dentist at least twice a year.


Whether you like it or not, it is important to build a good relationship with your dentist. Your dentist should be able to check up the health status of your mouth at least once every six months. It's also a good preventive method, especially for much worse oral health risks.

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